Abstracts submission in standard form is done online, through the online system. Accordingly, we ask everyone to submit abstracts according to the instructions below.

Please adhere to the given submission deadlines, as all abstracts must be approved before being prepared for digital Book of abstracts.

All approved lecture summaries will be published in the Book of Abstracts and must be written in English with a list of the used literature.

The responsibility for the professional and linguistic adequacy of all abstracts is assumed by the authors.

Note: sending abstracts does not imply an application for participation in the Congress

Deadline for abstracts submission of expert lectures1.10.2024.
Deadline for email notification to abstracts authors is their abstracts have been approved or not9.10.2024.

For abstract submission please click here


  • On the left side of your profile, select “My abstracts” and click on “Create new abstract”
  • The steps will guide you all the way to the end of submitting abstracts
  • If there is a need to change the summary, the same is possible by logging into your profile and making the necessary changes

Abstract Writing Instructions

  • write the summary in English
  • title – in English- in capital letters
  • write the name and surname of the author and co-author without titles
  • it is necessary to underline the name and surname of the author who will present the work
  • state the official name and address of the institution and the e-mail address of the author and co-author in English (institution, street, city, e-mail)
  • numerically connect the author and the institution
  • the summary should be structured (with the exception of invited lectures), with highlighted subtitles, printed in bold;
    • abstract structure for e-poster and oral presentation: Introduction of the paper, Purpose of the paper, Methods, Results, Conclusion
    • structure of the summary for the workshop: Introduction, Objective, Method of execution, Learning outcomes
  • summary of sponsored lectures should not be structured
  • reference the literature at the end of the text, according to the Vancouver rules
  • references do not need to be listed numerically in the summary text
  • use Times New Roman font, size 12
  • summary scope: max 400 words
  • keywords: 3 to 6 words or phrases, separated

Please Note

The abstracts will not be proofread – the author is responsible for linguistic and content correctness.

If you have difficulty submitting your abstract online, please send an email to ana.zunic@penta-zagreb.hr together with all the information.

Saving e-posters in .jpg / .png format:

  • e-poster dimensions must be 1920×1080 pixels (landscape format).
  • please do not use fonts smaller than 10pt.
  • file size must be less than 20 MB.

Saving an e-poster created in PowerPoint format (Save As .jpg / .png):

  • The e-poster must contain ONLY ONE slide on which the entire content of the poster is shown.
  • please do not use fonts smaller than 10pt.
  • file size must be less than 20 MB.
  • only one e-poster per abstract is allowed
  • e-posters may not contain audio / video or moving images.

In order for the e-poster to fit the required dimensions when saving, you can ⬇︎ download an empty e-poster template.